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Pamper yourself with our tub tea sachets made for relaxation, pain relief and aromatherapy. Each bag is filled with dried herbs, roots, flowers, grains, minerals, essential oils, and love. 


 Bath Tea:

Smooth as silk - This coconut milk oatmeal bath tea gives you the benefits of relaxing and reducing stress in a warm, comforting bath while taking advantage of the soothing and hydrating properties of the milk and oats. Adding Smooth as Silk to your bath water can help to hydrate and soothe your skin, improve inflammatory skin conditions, and promote healthy aging.


*After use, they can be tossed into the compost, as they are biodegradable.

8oz Jar

Bath Tea- Smooth As Silk

    • Place your hemp tea bag in the bath while it's filling up. Gently squeeze bag to release tea into water. (keep the contents in the bag for an easy cleanup.)
    • Boil water and steep your tea bag as if you are making a cup of hot tea. Allow it to steep for 5-10 minutes. Add to bath water.

    Relax & Enjoy!

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